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Nothing is sustainable; therefore, we would like to ensure that the message is spread across all our platforms – including our website – by removing the word ‘sustainable’. A new domain, ESG, symbolizes our progress in environmental, social, and governance aspects of our operations. 

As a paint manufacturer, we acknowledge that our operations – like any other business, create emissions through our production process, energy consumption, and other operational activities. To quantify the emissions we discharge, we factor in these activities through an independent consultant to account for. 

Being carbon neutral means that we balance these quantified emissions by financially supporting projects that avoid or reduce emissions from the Earth’s atmosphere. When we support these projects, our emissions are “cancelled out” and therefore we are certified as carbon neutral. This purchase is checked by another independent verifier to ensure that the projects we support are up to internationally recognized standards.  

Our ESG Mission is to promote environmental responsibility, uphold high ethics and governance standards, and foster meaningful connections with communities, employees, and stakeholders. 

Our inaugural ESG Report, beginning with the 2022 Reporting Year, is available on our website around June or July. Our commitment to increasing the transparency of our ESG initiatives is reflected in our voluntary publication of this report, as it is not mandated by law. You can easily access our annual ESG Reports on this page 

For those seeking a more detailed version of our ESG report(s), we invite you to request this by contacting us at Please note that such requests will be accommodated based on our discretion. We appreciate your interest and are eager to engage communicating with you on our ESG initiatives. 

Mowilex is proud to be the only major paint manufacturing company to sign the Lead-Free Paint Production Commitment in 2022. We signed this commitment in the Market Leaders Commitments to Produce Lead-Free Paint by 2023, and we have recalled our Mowilex Kayu Besi paint that contained lead more than the safety limit recommended by WHO and UNEP at 90 ppm. We have taken the additional step of removing old lead-based Mowilex Kayu Besi paint from our distributors’ stores and warehouses and replacing it with a lead-free version, at no additional cost. 

Lead paint poses a significant health risk that is often invisible. It affects over a million children, causing irreversible harm including reduced intelligence, learning disabilities, and behavioral issues. Adults are not immune; exposure can lead to high blood pressure, headaches, dizziness, impaired motor skills, fatigue, and memory loss. The danger doesn’t only come from visible paint chips; even small amounts of lead dust, which can be easily inhaled or ingested, are hazardous. Once lead poisoning occurs, its effects are lifelong and irreversible.* 

*Data taken from The United States’ Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 

We offer paint donations on a case-by-case basis all year long, primarily supporting public facilities, schools, and religious organizations that hold non-profit status. All donations are subject to our stock availability, and we prioritize assistance to those in greatest need. We look forward to collaborating with organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in our community. 

To request paint donations, do contact and email your proposal to your local Mowilex offices or salesperson. 

Yes! We are eager to expand our ESG initiatives through collaboration with likeminded organizations. You may contact us through the form below and we will give your proposal a thorough read. 

Mowilex prioritizes environmental responsibility in its product manufacturing process, achieved through three key approaches: long-lasting performance, selective materials and formulation, and responsible manufacturing practices. 

Our aim is to offer customers premium paint options with exceptional durability, thereby extending building protection and reducing the need for frequent repainting. This not only lessens environmental impact but also assists developers and homeowners in reducing their carbon footprint. 

Our product range is carefully formulated with environmentally friendly materials to minimize negative environmental effects. Hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and PFAs are eliminated from our formulations. Additionally, we have introduced environmentally friendly products such as Mowilex Naturalle, made from 28% biobased materials, and Mowilex Recycled, containing 40% recycled premium paint. 

Since 2019, Mowilex has been a certified Carbon Neutral manufacturing company. Our paints are produced in a cutting-edge plant in Cikande, which actively reduces inefficiencies and losses, minimizes wastewater through closed-loop water circulation, and implements robust waste management systems and partnerships. 


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